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Stunts & tricks

Have you always wanted to do that somersault but you just can't? With the stunt and tricks lessons you will learn the coolest stunts under the guidance of our experienced jump masters. The lessons are for kids from 7 years old. Classes are every Wednesday and Friday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You can come half an hour in advance to jump nice and warm. Can you do that somersault yet? Then we'll see what else we can learn!



If you can walk you can jump! For the little ones we have time especially in the morning hours to jump with the parents or supervisors. A super fun way to learn to jump and fall safely.

Parents or supervisors jump for free, only the children who are going to jump pay an entrance fee. Of course, bigger brothers or sisters can also jump carefully at the same rate.

Jumping is done on jump socks at all times. The parents / supervisors who are jumping must also wear the jump socks. These can be purchased at the reception.